Interview: Autarkic

Electronic music producer hailing from Israel, Nadav Spiegel is globally known by his work under the alias Autarkic.

His wide music specter goes from remixes of traditional Israeli music to minimalist dancefloor-oriented tracks with his great vocals.

Last year was biggest in his career, as Autarkic released his second EP on Disco Halal and played at big venues all over Europe. He recently released new album named I love you, go away and ahead of his first gig in Belgrade we got a chance to speak to Autarkic about this release and get to know him little better. Enjoy!

Words: Jelena Stanković

What does Autarkic mean and how you choose to name yourself like that?

It’s taken from Autarkic farm, a self susstain way of living. i remembered that from history lessons and thought it fits to a solo project.

Your favourite piece of gear and why?

I got an eventide reverb last month, so now that’s my fav.

What is the turning point of your career?

I’m not sure it happened yet, but if i have to choose 1 I guess it will be the turbo release

Can you tell us your 3 favourite underground artists (musicians) from Tel Aviv?

Xen – she had 1 ep at malka tuti 2 years ago and now she is back with new material and a live band – stay tuned!
the models – those 2 guys are more into acid house and techno, doing great music and unique remixes.
Asaf Samuel – 1/2 of the Malka tuti label an amazing dj with a great selection who brings great vibes to the dancfloor.

We saw that you are using your vocal a lot in your records and performances, did you have some influences on the beginning of your career?

At my really beginning my influences were more american indie like lcd soundsystem and animal collective, later was more English Factory records bands and now is contemporary punk from Israel

You recently released a new album „I love you, go away“, how long did you work on it and what track took longest to complete?

It took me 5 months to make it overall. the hardest track was „how to cheat“ – it had many versions that were trashed before i got to the final version in the album.

Can you tell us about your edit „Palgey Mayim“, what is the meaning of the words?

It’s an edit for an Israeli singer name Boaz Sharabi and i think the song is about migrating birds..

Tell us something about the scene in Israel.

The scene is still relatively small but kicking, a lot of clubs/outdoor parties and now some festivals are happening. everybody wants to be a dj and produce house these days…:/

What is like to be a artist in Israel, is the country supporting a artists?

That;s really not easy, as a teenager we don’t get music lessons from school and usually no funds for projects, but personally with this government I don’t want nothing from them !

Do you have some advice for young producers, how to get notice by an agency?

My advice is: don’t think about an agency. think about making innovative music and how to get better all the time.

If we are came to Tel Aviv, which are the 3 places you would take us?

Uganda – its a bar and a fine record store, good vibes and music.
Teder – kind of a big complex – a bar, radio station live shows venue, a restaurant with a dance floor, everything is with good taste = music & food.
Breakfast club – for me it is the best club in town.

Can you tell us where in Tel Aviv we can find a good soup?

Too hot here for a soup.