Credt: Francesco Zigliotto

Interview: ZØE

Techno rising ZØE quickly established herself as one of the hottest new names on the European scene. Ahead of her first gig in Belgrade, we got a chance to ask her a few questions and find out something more about her. Enjoy the read, we are looking forward to hearing her this Friday at Magacin Depo.


For starters, how did your first contact with electronic music happen and how did you get interested in it?

I don’t really remember when the love for music actually started, maybe even before I was born, in my house there’s always been music around. But I remember an anecdote…. I was 11 and my best friend at the time had a cousin who was a dj. I still remember the day I went to his house, they used to live in the same house. As soon as I jumped out of the car I heard this music coming from the garage, being curious I went in and I saw multicolour lights, thousands of vinyl and this tall guy with curly hair who was standing in front of two turntables and a mixer…I was very curious about what he was doing and I kept looking at him for more than half an hour. This was my first experience in the world of djs. The second experience I had was when I actually went to a club, I was 14 and I didn’t know what to expect, but as soon as I went in I was amazed by everything and at the same time I understood that that world would had been part of my life for a very long period.


I read that you were a raver before becoming a DJ. When did you decide to choose DJing as a professional career?

I can’t explain how it happened but it has been so natural. When I started to mix it was for passion and I used to dream to make this hobby of mine a real job, but I don’t remember when and how.


How would you describe current state on the international techno scene?

Techno music has become much more popular than it used to be, also people who didn’t use to listen to techno has become closer to this kind of music. Techno music has many more features today and
pleases also people who wasn’t a real fan.


What is underground to you?

It is really difficult and personal to explain it now. Underground for me it is everything which is far from the masses. A club, a band, a dj, a musical gender can be underground not followed by the crowd, but loved by few fans. In any case I’m talking about high quality things. In a few words, something far away from the mainstream


You collaborated with Sam Paganini on The Beat, so can we expect some of your releases soon?

There will be very soon some news and new collaborations. But I’m not going to say anything yet.


You’re a JAM Resident, tell us something about your work with the label?

At the beginning the brand JAM came out as an event for a Christmas party in Treviso, the city where Sam and I live. Later it became a record label, the third lunch will be Sam’s new album where I collaborate in one of the tracks which it will also be the first single selected next July.


What’s your favorite thing when it comes to DJing? How are you describing the sound in your sets?

What I prefer is to play something which in that moment gives me emotions and I like to see the audience’s reaction.


Are there any tracks that are your favourites, ones that you like to play during your sets?

There are a lot of artists and tracks which I love and I often them play during my set, then everything depends on the evening’s mood and the vibes.


This Friday we are having Sam and you at Raveolution Belgrade, so what are your expectations? Do you maybe have a message for all the people who will came to Magacin Depo?

I’m very excited to play in Belgrade, it’s my first time. I’ve always heard good things about Magacin Depo, I’m looking forward to Friday.


What are your plans for the future?

I have a lot of plans for the future and some personal productions too.