Interview: Carlo Lio

Known and admired from our audience for his previous sets in Serbia, techno veteran Carlo Lio makes anyone who witnesses him playing music into a passionate dancer through his entire set. Carlo is coming back to Serbia, this time at Naissus Fest, Niš which was a great reason to speak to him about his music and label. Carlo also made Naissus Fest Chart which you can listen here.


Pure Intec 3 compilation is out this month and it features materials from Carl Cox, Nicole Moudaber, Ramiro Lopez and your track called ‘Love Nation’. Tell us something more about the release and the idea behind your track?

Well I was going for the something really heavy and chunky, but also kinda sexy. Simple and effective!


What’s your favourite thing when it comes to producing your own track, and what do you like about remixing?

With producing your own, you really have a free drawing board to go in any direction and use any sounds you desire. So I really like the freedom of not knowing what’s about to come. As for remixing, it’s great to give someone else your own interpretation of a track. There’s been many tracks I’ve heard over the years that I wish I could remix, because I feel I can add something more to it.


You did b2b sets with Nathan Barato, Dubfire and others. Is playing music with someone something you like doing or you prefer playing solo? Is there someone with whom you would really like to do a b2b set?

I love playing both solo and b2b, as long as it’s the right person. Not any 2 people can perform a great b2b set, so having a lot of chemistry is super important. And yes to answer your second question I would LOVE to one day do a b2b with Carl Cox – who wouldn’t?


Do you prefer festivals or clubs? Do you have a favourite place to perform?

Both. I can’t just pick either or. Both offer many different qualities. I enjoy playing both big festivals and clubs equally. As for a favourite place, not an easy question as there are so many amazing places all around the world. But I really love playing in Spain.


What would you say is the best thing about being a dj? What are your thoughts about the global electronic music scene? What is better today and what was better before?

I think the best thing is always having constant change and adventure in your life. It’s great to always be in new places, meeting new people and experiencing so many different cultures. The global scene is on fire. It keeps growing and growing, giving many people opportunity to do what they love. Everyone always says “back in the days”. Well today will eventually be “back in the day”. So for me personally, it was great then and great now.


Do you have any plans for the upcoming year? What kind of releases is your label On Edge Society preparing for us?

I will organize a release for my label On Edge Society in 2017, as well as a new SCI+TEC EP coming later this year or early next. Not too sure just yet, so keep an eye out for news on that one via my Facebook page. On Edge Society will have some more banging jacking techno for 2017. We are ready to go in strong!!


You have already had a chance to play in Serbia a couple of times. What are your impressions? Do you have any memories?

Yes, well for me Love Fest was my favourite show of last year. It was incredible and I still have no words from it. So to say the least I have tons of amazing memories of Serbia.


What are you preparing for us at Naissus festival?

You can expect some big bass, a ton of groove, and a train of hypnotic music!! I have also done a chart for the festival, of some of my favorite tracks of the moment, so be sure to check that out too. See you soon!