New VII Circle EP “Archetype” – Rapid Eye Movement

VII Circle is four-hands project.
Andrea Vallisneri and Andrea Casari are the two components.
The background of these two producers founds its roots in Rock, Indie music and experimentation.
The EP “Archetype” refers to the new start of VII Circle’s own very first label – Rapid Eye Movement – in collaboration with friends and partners Memorial Home.
VII Circle’s previous EP “Titan” introduced their dark flavors into the techno scene, and was released in 2016 on the Manchester label, Stem Records.
For its first release, Rapid Eye Movement gives voice to VII Circle who sign with “Archetype” an inaugural powerful and exquisitely crafted EP for the imprint.
The EP, issued in October 2017 in both vinyl and digital versions, features three original tracks as well as remixes composed by no less than Dutch techno wizard Keith Carnal and Belgian arising talent Farrago.
Opening the journey, the title track “Alpha” exemplify the Italian duo’s maturing and sophisticated signature, whose master ingredients are a compelling and obscure-minded groove nurtured by the layering of deep, immersive and melodic waves of arpeggios and punctuated by dramatic and atmospheric breakdowns. Following the path in an ambient-like and ethereal mode, “Nobody can escape from himself” develops strong and haunting cinematic textures which give an epic climax to the ensemble.
For its interpretation, Keith Carnal sets the tone with an energetic approach of this spacey gem, stamped by massive and catchy basses without neglecting to stay true – or rather to magnify – the strong emotional and cosmic aura of the original piece. Stepping up on reworking duties, Farrago first delivers an “Alpha” version which enhances its out of space and out of time spirit with trippy flavors and then ends the pack, in a banging and uncompromised manner, with a raw and pumping techno energy which echo the buoyant force of the underground. Deep into tribal darkness, but without despair into sadness.
Five weapons of electronic mastery which display a captivating and emotional dancefloor-orientated odyssey, to be savoured in the intimacy of its own soul or to be shared with night clubbing fellows.