Interview: Sleeparchive

Roger Semsroth AKA Sleeparchive is best known for his music. He has released some of the finest techno tracks for MORD, Tresor, Warm Up and his own Sleeparchive record label. The Clubber got a chance to have Sleeparchive for a conversation before his gig at Belgrade’s underground center Drugstore which you can read further.


We are at the very beginning of 2016, so can you make a short review of how 2015 was for you?

2015 was a fantastic year for me. after working with the worst booking agency ever I started working with Pakt Booking which is fantastic!
I am really happy with my releases on MORD and Warm Up. The 12“ I did for my own label included track „The maid in the kitchen“ for which I got really good feedback.
The best thing is definitely that I am a dad for 11 month now. You wont believe it but my daughter is the cutest kid in the world. 🙂


You performed at Serbia’s finest festival, EXIT last year and many people were amazed with your set. What are your memories of this?

I was really surprised by the very enthusiastic audience. sometimes I have a very good feeling on stage but after the gig the feedback is not so good. Sometimes I think I played a terrible set but people really enjoyed it. And sometimes I have a very good feeling on stage and also the feedback after is really good. This night was one of these nights.


Can you tell us something more about your new vinyl release “A Wounded Worker” and are you going to release it digitally too?

Maybe, I upload tracks to bandcamp but for now it’s vinyl only. Both tracks are around 1 year old. My first plan was to release a 4 track 12“. When I played the test pressing for the first time it felt like the tracks don´t fit so I did a re-cut with only 2 tracks. One of the tracks I didn’t include was „Window 025“. The track was available for download from bandcamp for a little while. Since I had only 20 downloads after 4 weeks I deleted it from bandcamp.
The other track I did not use might come out on a very small label I really like and like to support, But that’s not 100% sure…
I still have 4 of the 5 test pressings with 4 tracks. One copy I gave to DJ Pete.


You remixed Donor’s track “Us For Them” which is coming on January 15th, so how did this cooperation started? What was your starting idea for the remix?

I did the remix early 2014… so I don´t remember the details. But I remember it was hard work for me. Sometimes it´s very easy to make a remix, sometimes it takes weeks. The remix for Donor took me a little while…


How did your connection with Hard Wax started?
I grew up listening to EBM and WAVE. This music was fantastic in the 80’s but terrible in the 90’s. So in the mid 90’s I realized I had more fun listening to Aphex Twin or Autechre. That why I started looking for other music that sounds like them. Back in the days you could not go to youtube or spotify or whatever to check music. You had to go to record shops and ask 🙂 I though Hard Wax might be the best place for asking. And I was right.


Very popular theme in techno music today is rise of young talents. Do you have any favourite?

Hmmm, I would say this was always a theme 🙂
At the moment I really enjoy every new track by Eric Fetcher, Monic 12“ on Tresor was great, everything by Ryuichi Takeuchi and his friends is fantastic, I really enjoyed the Endlec 2×12“ on MORD …


Do you think that musical education is necessary when it comes to making electronic music?

No, I don´t think so.


What is the best advice you could give to someone who just got into techno industry?

Making music is not a competition.

Don´t read comments about your music on the internet. People can be very rude!


Are you preparing something special for your set in Drugstore Belgrade or will you just go with the flow?

At the moment I enjoy very monotone, repetitive and hard music. So if you like „A wounded worker“ from my latest 12“ or my track with Allan Nonamaka you might enjoy my gig.
If you like my track „Diagnosis“ from the „Hospital tracks EP“ you might be disappointed 🙂


What are you currently working on? What’s on your agenda for the near future and 2016?

I would like to release more music with MORD and I might release a 12“ on my own label.
For around 2 years I am more into loops and not so much into arranged tracks. I lost my interest in composing tracks and I have more fun recording loops and combining them on stage or at home.

Last year I gave away 4 tracks for free on bandcamp (sleep cycles). 4 loops I really enjoy. I hope other people also enjoy them even if they play them only for 2 minutes.

So this released was not meant to be played from the beginning to the end. Maybe people play 2 minutes from one loop or all 5 minutes from another loop and enjoy them.
A little bit like with how people look at a painting. Someone looks on a painting for 30 seconds but enjoys the work very much. Another person might need to looks at the same painting for 10 minutes and needs to check all details to enjoy the painting…
This is how I would like people to see my releases in the future.