The Clubber Mix 033: Alfa Romero

 Alfa Romero is the multi faceted duo comprised of Prudo and Lorenzo Bartoletti. Both highly acclaimed musicians in their own right, the pair combine their many years of experience in electronic music for their all-encompassing Alfa Romero project. Working together as producers, DJs and label owners, the duo explore a shared musical vision in a partnership that aims to broaden the horizons of electronic music. Enjoy!

First of all I would like to thank you for your time guys! How are you? What’s new?
Lorenzo: I am good thank you! We have so many exciting things that are going to happen pretty soon.
Prudo: Hi there, I’m ok thanks! The main news is that we just finished an amazing podcast for The Clubber. Your followers will be delighted for sure!

You are present at the scene for many years. Do you have some advice for DJs who are thinking of becoming a duo?
Lorenzo: Before becoming a duo you have to be sure to be really confident with your partner in crime. You have to be like a single person in the way you think and in the way you act.
Prudo: I confirm what Lorenzo says. You just have to be honest with yourself and with your project fellow .

How would you describe your music?
Lorenzo:: It’s all about the feelings and the quality of the sound. We don’t like to be labeled on a limited vision of the music.
Prudo: Our music comes from different backgrounds. It’s an amazing balanced mix of our personal musical paths. It’s not easy to give it a label, better to leave this task to the media contributors.

What was the main idea behind your latest release?
Lorenzo: The main idea was to do something for the dance floor, a peak time jamming tune but with a warm atmosphere keeping the tension really high.
Prudo: Everything was born from our beloved and truly analog vintage synth Juno 60. It drove the track by itself leading us to get this release ready with just his incredible warm sound.

In your opinion, how much is the music from new EP evolved compared to your previous release, Bank Holiday from 2013?
Lorenzo: We can say that this latest release is much more dance floor oriented. Bank Holiday was the first release of our label and our goal was to open with a passionate tune, the classic tune that every time you listen to it still gives to you the same warm feelings.
Prudo: mmm… I’d say we did the opposite… I mean, we have maybe regressed since on Bank Holiday we also made use of Oberheim synths instead of the only Juno 60… (lol)

Could you reveal us some interesting things or moments that happened to you while making new EP?
Lorenzo: Every new EP’s „work in progress“ moments are different. We just have fun, we start playing on a groove with our gears till the magic happens. Thats it.
Prudo: I think the funniest thing is when we decided the project title. We usually laugh a lot in those moments…

Federico Coretti directed the video for “FAKE LOVERS“. How did your cooperation started?
Prudo: I was introduced to him by a common friend. We were just looking for a smart guy who could go into the „Fake Lovers“ mood helping us to finalize the release. I’d say that Federico taste was perfect to fit a visual imaginary world with our track that is reach in tension and jitters.

Hungarian producer, Snilloc, did a remix for your new track that match up with original perfectly. What is the story behind it?
Lorenzo: We were looking for the perfect remixer for this tune for a while. We used to play a lot of Snilloc tunes in our sets and we thought that he was the best possible choice for „Fake Lovers“ and we just reached out to him asking if he could be available for working on this remix. He accepted and he did a really great job, we are really happy and satisfied with the result of this EP.

Your label Alfa Romero Recordings was founded in 2013 and you prefer having quality releases on it since. Are you satisfied how the story is going?
Lorenzo: A few days ago I was listening to our full catalogue and you know what? I am extremely satisfied with it. You can find everything on here. Every single release is for different moments and situations.
Prudo: Yes we do. We have put our all into this project!

What are your plans for the future? What can we expect from you?
Lorenzo: We have many interesting releases already planned and we are really excited to introduce so many new talented producers too. On the Alfa Romero duo wise we have just locked up a great release upcoming on a big label, but at the moment we can’t say anything more about this. Keep an eye on our pages and real soon you will know something
more about this.
Prudo: Our plans for the future are to use as many analog synths as we
can! (lol)

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