Spotlight: ENØS

Born in Netherlands and raised in Switzerland, two brothers, Derek and Michael Harnischberg created techno capsule called EnØs. Name itself, creation of their own, combination of Latin and Nordic dialect carries symbolic that is deeply attached to them.  As an open book that often seems lackluster, we did not want to leaf through all of its pages. Their opus, that has been influenced by various artists throughout the time, such as Sigur Ros, Pink Floyd and many others, is still evolving and it’s pretty dynamic. Creativity can never be rushed, but they surely don’t lack any.

Their melodic, atmospheric, shaded compositions are also heavily influenced by Berlin industrial sound. If we would like to find the perfect frame for their music, it will certainly be titanium, and in the following interview we will find out who’s exactly behind that elegant titanium shell.

1. Can you tell us something about your first musical influences, and how EnØs musical path developed, to the point where you at this very moment, with your distinguished style?

Our parents have always been listening to a lot of music, this is probably where it came from. Then each of us had different musical projects, from psychedelic rock, to different electronic music stuff, until two years ago, when we jammed up in studio, hooked instantly, and that’s when alchemy begun.

2. Most people would not initially associate calm and serene Switzerland with clubbing, and techno respectively? They would be wrong obviously.

Actually, there is real electronic and techno scene in Switzerland, with clubs such as Hive in Zürich, Nordstern in Basel and D! Club in Lausanne, all great venues.

3. How difficult is to stay true to yourself while you’re still waiting for a real chance on huge electronic playground? We are witnessing that for a lot of up and coming dj’s their professional path is becoming more of a polygon for recognition from established artist, (through emulating, hoping to get wider acknowledgement) then well of inner creativity and uniquesness.

To us, inspiration is too personal to even think about replicating somebody else work. After many years of playing music, you develop your own touch, stream. We really enjoy staying for hours in the studio, sharing ideas, views, and these ideas sometimes become melodies, tracks, or  they don’t. There are dozen of unfinished material, unfinished tracks that we might never conclude or use. To be honest, to some of them, we are the only witnesses, knowing their very existence.

4. Describe your own sound, and what is different about it in comparison to the others on electronic “market”, which bursts in overproduction these days.

We both think that the most important thing is to like what you do, personally. Although, originality does not always mean that something is good, but of course it is important to put some pieces of yourself in music you compose. If the listener can distinguish this, then your have made an achievement. But also, we think it’s good for techno that many people create or play. More people we have in the business, bigger the challenge, so it is hard to stand out from the crowd.

5. Sometime ago you had a gig alongside Shdw and Obscure Shape in Lyon, one of the first ‘serious’ icebreakers for you guys. What can u tell us about that experience?

First of all, it was really exciting and amazing, the French clubbing scene is extremely sharp and has certain depth, we simply felt an amazing vibe during the whole party. Also, we were really glad to meet these two guys, great artists, totally down to earth. We hope that our paths are going to come across in the future again.

6. Please name a few artists whose flow and style pushed you to the limits of creativity, made you better, and possibly some labels that you would like to publish for, that could be tipping point for EnØs.

We have many different influences, as a matter of fact, we both listen to other kinds of music more than techno. For example, we are real fans of James Blake, Bon Iver, also psychedelic like music to some extent such as Tame Impala or Pink Floyd. Obviously anyone for who paid even slight attention to our work, could relate us to labels such as Afterlife, and similar ones, and we wouldn’t mind it of course. We have tremendous respect for their production and creativeness.

7. When we put on a side production and music related stuff, what makes EnØs interested in life generally, what keeps you moving and striving?

Beside music, a lot of different things, studies take a lot of time to be honest. And when we’re not studying, we choose the mountains, enjoying the nature in its purity, sometimes joined by are friends and family. It’s very inspiring and fulfilling.

8. The Last EP was released for Tentacles Records, when we can expect new one?

In the beginning of 2017, it will be two original tracks with a remix, we cannot talk about the label at the moment, but a lot to come during the year, and also, we now have our residency at GALVA, Geneva.

9. We found ourselves roaming through the streets of Lausanne for a day. Where to go out, what to drink and eat, what would be your recommendation to make it more memorable for us.

If you guys want to listen to techno, you should definitely do to the D! Club which always has an amazing line up. If you want to go for a walk, you should go to the Geneva lakeside, one of the biggest in Western Europe, and in the course of Rhone river. Visit the the cathedral as well! If you want to eat something, you should go and try out the “Vieux Lausanne” where you will get typical dishes.

From what we had a chance to hear, even Afterlife itself wouldn’t mind having few of those coming on their label.