youANDme is a project of Martin and Daniel and both live in Berlin / Germany. They work as DJs and producers since 1995. Both love the deeper side of music with many funk and soul, but every time raw and kicking. The structure of a youANDme set is very different; they like to play several styles in one set like house, techno, dub or electronica.

Martin and Daniel have published their tracks and mixes at labels like ORNAMENTS, COCOON, REKIDS, COMPOST, PLATZHIRSCH, REBIRTH, 2020VISION and many others.

youANDme are well known for their remixes and edits. They did official works for artists like Moodymann, Radio Slave, Seth Troxler, Lawrence, Brothers Vibe, Robert Owens, Timo Maas, Paul Johnson, Mark Broom, Kollektiv Turmstrasse, Johannes Heil, Florian Meindl, Pascal Feos or Pirupa.

A next step was the establishment of an own label and therefore youANDme created ROTARY COCKTAIL REC, POLYMORPH, CUTZ.ME and 3 other mysterious labels.

2009 was a successfull year because youANDme published some nice records and one highlight was the licencing of “Mind/Feeling” (youANDme Edit) to Sven Väth his “The Sound Of The 10th Season” live mix at Amnesia DVD (Cocoon Mix 027).

youANDme published their first official mix-cd “ORNAMENTS SYMPHONY” in 2010 and they got great reactions and press feedbacks like “ALBUM OF THE MONTH” or “DE:BUG 2010 – OUR RECORDS OF THE YEAR” at the important german “DE:BUG” magazine. The youANDme record “I LIKE” was also “SINGLE OF THE MONTH” at the “DE:BUG” magazine in June 2010.

2011 started with a release for the COCOON label of SVEN VÄTH, a remix for MOODYMANN on ORNAMENTS and 4 remixes for RADIO SLAVE on REKIDS & CUTZ.ME. The remix for Moodymann was “RECORD OF THE MONTH (HOUSE)” [05/11] and a remix for Rhauder was “RECORD OF THE MONTH (TECHNO)” [08/11] at the german RAVELINE magazine.

2012 was the year of the album production of Martin`s solo project youAND:THEMACHINES and he had spent every free minute in the studio to finish the “BEHIND” LP which will be published as ORNAMENTS 027 (06/2013). Furthermore youANDme did remixes for KOLLEKTIV TURMSTRASSE or JOHANNES HEIL and they released a record on the Detroit based label DEEPLABS.

Martin Müller a.k.a youand:THEMACHINES done special 100% vinyl mix  for The Clubber and we talked with him about his music career, what you can read in the interview below.


The Clubber:  So could you tell us, how did you decide to go solo under youand:THEMACHINES and what’s the difference working alone and along side in youANDme?

Martin: My solo project is called „youAND:THEMACHINES“ and I produced the „BEHIND“ LP which was released on the Ornaments imprint in June, 2013. Daniel had finished his architecture studies 3 years ago and is now working 9 to 5 in his job. He is focussing on his career as an architect and thats why there is not much time for studio work at the moment. That’s the reason we both decided that I do the album as solo project under the new name youAND:THEMACHINES. At first it was a foreign feeling but then I realized more and more that I have the freedom to express myself in a more personal way. It was great to make music alone and I think the result is different than our other works. When I finished the album I was happy that Daniel really liked the result.


The Clubber:  Your last years debut album on Ornament Records came out really good, and now you have the remix of LP coming in May, with names such as Steve Bug, Matthew Herbert, Legowelt, Youandewan, Boo Williams, and others, even your partner Daniel have a rework done. Can you tell us your thoughts on whole project, both last years and the remixes?

Martin: For my long player debut I wanted to create an album that brings together my different influences like dub techno, ambient, downbeats, Detroit techno or house. The album was created during a period of 2 years and the production process was not every time easy but at the end it was so much fun to do it. One of the main concepts of the “BEHIND” LP was to create the most sounds with plenty of analogue hardware or field recordings from my personal environment. It was forbidden to use sampling as sound source.

The remix album is called “BEHIND” LP RESHAPED and it will be an opulent collection of selected edits, interpretations and remixes courtesy of a prestigious roster of my favorite producers including Matthew Herbert, Steve Bug, XDB, Boo Williams, Sascha Dive, Legowelt, Marko Fürstenberg & Luke Hess, Carlos Nilmmns, Youandewan, Rising Sun,The Analog Roland Orchestra, Jamie 3:26, Freund der Familie, Basic Soul Unit and youANDme (Daniel). The “BEHIND” LP RESHAPED will come bolstered with labour-of-love extras including 333 hand-painted artwork editions (3 x 12”) with each cover bearing a unique painting and stamped number and a special limited tape edition again, with hand-painted artwork and a bonus exclusive tape track.


The Clubber:  What’s your criteria when you are producing and main goal that you are trying to achieve? We’ve heard that most of tracks that you made are produced on Moog Voyager, Roland Alpha Juno and Roland drum machines. Can you tell us why do you prefer analog equipment?

Martin: I really love the sound aesthetics of the analogue stuff. It’s warm, fat, and a little bit dirty. If you play a loop for example it’s never exact the same sound which makes it more natural. Maybe you could do the same with a computer but the most important fact for me is the interaction with real machines. You can play it, touch it and for me the results are more interesting.

Most times I start to jam with old drum machines and synthesizers and record them with modern production techniques. I cut and arrange everything with the computer. At the end I send the tracks to an analog mixer to do the final mixdown. This is my typical way of producing a song.


The Clubber:  So what’s up next? New projects, EP’s, something under youANDme?

Martin: At the moment we are focussed on the remix album of my “Behind” LP which will be released on ORNAMENTS in May. We are also working on a new youANDme EP and a new MIX CD for the tenth birthday of ROTARY COCKTAIL REC. Last week we finished a remix for Steve Bug which will be out soon on Pokerflat.



The Clubber:  And where do you find inspiration, and who do you cherish the most from your colleagues?

Martin: There are so many great artists out there which I really love but if I have to name a few who had inspired me the most I would say Matthew Herbert, Carl Craig, Moritz von Oswald and Mark Ernestus.

The Clubber Mix 027 – youAND:THEMACHINES (special vinyl only mix) by The Clubber Magazine on Mixcloud

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