As someone who has a vast history in the underground club scene, with experience more than 15 years as a DJ, ASOK is one of the names that is slowly rising with his production. With his release for M>O>S Recordings he got recognition that he deserves, with tracks on it such as banger “Captain Blood” and vivid deep ” Wakler” tune.

His tracks are played by Move D, Nick Anthony Simoncino, Serge Clone, John Heckle and many others. His music can variate from deep,melodic house submerged to ruefully nostalgic techno that has soul and spirit. Working with the labels such as Use of Weapons, Mule Musiq and becoming the member of Dutch M>O>S label, ASOK runs his own label Scenery alongsideLee Georgeson and Jules Shepherd. He made this exclusive podcast for us ; deep , sensual, raw and distinctive mixture of deep house, serious techno tunes and some acid, so enjoy.


The Clubber: So can you tell us some basic stuff about you and your musical background ?

ASOK: Yeah I grew up in the rave scene in the UK..So when everything was house, techno, breakbeat….all mixed together. After that for a long time i was really into drum and bass and jungle but always collected bits of techno and house, anything that I liked really. I started looking back even further to the roots of dance music and collected northern soul, disco and electrofunk as well and played all over Europe with a disco project. I guess the ASOK thing now is a chance to play the darker stuff that always fascinated me, but mixed in with all the other sounds and scenes I have been through in the last 20 years. I always found darker sounds more uplifting than hooks, vocals and piano bits. But really I guess I like everything from a full on disco track to heavy industrial techno as long as it would make me dance.


The Clubber: When did you started to make music and releasing records?

ASOK: As Asok only this last year, but under other projects I’ve been releasing for about 4 or 5 years now. The first stuff was mostly edit based I’ve only actually had a home studio for two years or so. It seems this year I’ve found a sound and vibe I’m happy with and finally starting to make what I have in my head. I’m nowhere near there yet, but I might be by the time I hit 50.


The Clubber: Can you describe is the process when you are making new tracks, and what do you use most?

ASOK: Yeah, there is no process. Sometimes a track can come in an hour. Sometimes a month. Sometimes I have to go through pain with something and sometimes it just works straight away. Its never the same for two tracks. I wish i did have a process sometimes but I gave up trying. Basically whatever happens happens. The bits I use the most are ableton for recording (I don’t arrange stuff I record it live-take…so ableton is like a seqencer really i guess), machine for drums, a roland jx-8p, a microkorg, a 303 clone, a boss space echo…and some plugins to make stuff sound fucked up. And some cowbell. Thats about it really on every track.


The Clubber: You run your own label Scenery is that right? When did you decide to start your own label,and what’s main idea with whom you run it?

ASOK: This is the third label I’ve run but this is the best one – maybe it took the first two to get some things right and wrong. I run Scenery with two really close friends Lee (Circular Rhythms) and Jules, and also Mike (Bantam Lions) does the artwork and generally helps out too. Its a collective thing. We all agree on what to do or else it doesn’t happen. So far its been the most enjoyable experience I’ve had in music that doesn’t involve getting battered and dancing all night.


The Clubber: What kind of set have you prepared for our readers/listeners?

ASOK: I didn’t know what I was going to do till I fired up the decks…turns out its quite a heavy mix. I just got a rotary mixer and this is the first time I’ve ever used it so that was nice to try with although obviously it might sound quite raw. I kind of like that though. Anyone who has ever seen me DJ will tell you there is not much in the way of technical ability or a plan, I just love music. I spend half the time dancing about so if a mix sounds rough its because i forgot where I am for minute. Its got a bit of everything i am into at the moment, including a new Asok track that no one has heard yet at the start. Hopefully it all fits together for anyone who listens. Its a very dancefloor aimed mix…so keep that in mind. I don’t know any other way to DJ really.


The Clubber: New projects for the future?

ASOK: Yeo just signed two tracks to a very good new label, and I’m doing remixes, more podcasts and playing out as much as possible. So busy, but life is good.


The Clubber Mix 025 – ASOK by The Clubber Magazine on Mixcloud

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