The absolute house royal, one of the leaders of today’s electronic scene, Solomun, returned to Exit mts Dance Arena on Thursday, 7 July with a much bigger status on the world scene compared to his debut at Exit in 2010. Even though he grew up in Hamburg, Germany, Mladen Solomun was born in Travnik, a fact he takes pride in, as well as shows during his performances that include sounds originating from his home area. He was named Best DJ and Producer of the Year at DJ Awards, while he is currently working on his theme night “Solomun +1”. One of the unofficial kings of Ibiza has been standing shoulder to shoulder with the likes of Richie Hawtin (Enter) and Marco Carola (MusicOn), and is also the proud owner of his “Diynamic” label, as well as the well-respected alternative label “2DIY4”.

The Clubber managed to squeeze out a bit of his time and talk to him after his amazing show at Exit festival, moments in music and his famouse Boiler Room set.

Hello Mladen. You nailed the sunrise set at the magical Dance Arena of Exit festival. How did it feel coming back to play an even bigger space than last time?
Last year in Belgrade was already a blast. And to return this year to EXIT and to play on that stage was an absolute highlight I have to say. The amphitheatre like venue with loads of people, I really had some emotional moments there.

A lot of people start their own labels, but not many make it in this business. You run two labels, a club and a radio show. How the hell do you manage to make all of it work and still maintain high quality? Can you reveal a bit of your secret?

I think the balance is one part of secret: not to overthink on the one side but to have a great team on the other side. The mixture between letting go and staying totally focused.

You said that for you “music is moments”. A lot of people try to keep those moments last forever, like some producers do with techno and its energetic loops. But, is music a frozen moment in loop or an ever evolving tale?

Music is music, it’s like a rose is a rose. And with music you can do almost anything. You can touch peoples hearts, you can terrify them, because music goes instantly inside people. Music can lead to sweet love and to revolutions at the same time. So to answer your question: music is everything and can be everything: looped to death or a neverending tale.

What is your greatest strength as a producer and what is it as a DJ?

This is something others can judge better then I can do. What I can say is that I produce with the heart of a DJ.

Do you think that people devote more time to recreating a certain sound than making their own instead?

Tough question, I would tend to say yes. I have the feeling that in terms of art there is always more imitation than innovation.

Your famous Boiler Room set has been referred to as the roman bacchanalia and has been a talk of many online. How would you describe that set?

Smooth, easy, outdoor, beach, Caribbean … this are words that come into my mind when I think about this set.

Last year’s Raveolution party at Belgrade Fair was the peak of the season. Do you prefer indoor or outdoor sets, and why is that?

Both have their advantages, a sweaty club just like an amazing outdoor stage when the sun starts to rise.

What are the hottest tracks for you right now?

10 YRS of Diynamic Compilation is gonna be released this September, so watch out!

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