British producer, Sleaze Records label boss and one of Glasgow’s biggest techno exports, Stephen Gorrie aka Hans Bouffmyhre stared his alias Secluded back in 2012. After notable releases on Soma Records, Enemy and Sleaze Records, Hans announced debut album under his alias Secluded. We had the chanse to speak with him about his album, Secluded project and got to know his a little better. Enjoy!


First of all, thank you for your time! How are you? What’s new?

Yes I’m great thanks! I’m still enjoying making music and lucky enough to be playing gigs every other weekend.


Can you tell us something about yourself for a start? What has shaped you as an artist and as a person?

I played a lot of gigs early in my career. I started playing in clubs when I was just 19, most notably at my own ‘Sleaze’ night at Club 69 in Paisley. My friends and I hosted a monthly event there for 3 years, where I gained the experience of playing alongside many international DJ’s on a regular basis. This helped me to grow in confidence as a DJ and it was a good chance to test all of my early productions on a proper sound system every month.


You are one of the Scotland’s biggest names of techno with the admirable discography and you also run Sleaze Records. How hard it was to get to the place you are today?

I wouldn’t say it’s been ‘hard’ as such, but it’s been a long road that I’ve enjoyed. The hardest part was about 5 years ago, before I was getting a lot of international bookings. At the time I was still working full time for my Dad’s company, while also running a record label, producing music and playing gigs. I was working till 5pm and then working on my techno all night, pretty much every day of the week. I’m sure this is a very familiar story amongst techno artists, but I’m very grateful that I was eventually able to do my music full time.Secluded Press Pic 2You are very productive when it comes to making tracks. What is your goal when you write music and where does all that inspiration come from?

My inspiration has always been to make tracks for the clubs. I love to see the reaction when playing a new track for the first time. It also adds an extra bit of excitement to my DJ sets.


How are you satisfied with the work and mission of Sleaze Records, could you recommend some upcoming releases that we shouldn’t miss?

Everything has been going great and I’m excited about the releases we have coming up. One I can tell you about is a remix project which is coming on vinyl early next year. Featuring new remixes of successful tracks from our back catalog, which have never been previously remixed. Including remixes by Marco Bailey, Luigi Madonna, Petter B and Nikola Gala.


What made you decide to create your alias Secluded? Tell us something about Secluded? What was your goal?

I was starting to make some tracks that were quite different from the typical Hans productions. They were a bit deeper, with some chords and stabs. So I decided it would be a good idea to start something new. It started in 2012 with a vinyl release on EarToGround Records from London, featuring 2 original tracks and remixes by Jonas Kopp & Markus Suckut. I was very proud of this debut release and because it went very well I decided to keep the alias going and release more of this sound.


You announced debut album from Secluded named ‘’Distant Memories’’ with 12 new tracks and it’s going to be released on October 12th. It’s highly expected so could you tell us something more about it?

Yes I’m very excited about it! It was always my plan to eventually release a Secluded album. After EP releases on Soma, Enemy, EarToGround and Sleaze, I thought 2015 was the perfect time. My plan is to release the full album on CD & digital in October, followed by a remix EP on vinyl in December.


What kind of sound can we expect for this release? How would you describe it? What kind of sound that prevails on the album?

I would say it’s a complete presentation of the Secluded sound as a whole. There’s a good variation of tracks on it. Ranging from beatless, atmospheric soundscapes, a couple more broken beat style tracks and also a few typical big room bangers.


Can you pick some of your favorites from ‘’Distant Memories’’?

I go through stages of liking some tracks more than others, but I’d say Feeling & Distant are my favourite tracks for playing out and I love the atmosphere I’ve created with Ethereal.


Following the album there is a remix EP in December with mixes from Jonas Kopp and Reeko and also from yourself, so did it come to this release and how did your cooperation with Jonas Kopp and Reeko started?

I thought it would be fitting to get a remix from Jonas again, since he made a remix for the first ever Secluded release back in 2012. He was kind enough to provide 2 versions this time around! With Reeko I’ve always been a fan of his productions, but this is my first time working with him and I was very impressed with his remix.


Your plans for the future?

With Secluded I hope to keep developing the sound over the coming years. I’m getting more confident with my new live set every time I play it, so I’m hoping to have the chance to play it more often next year. I’ll keep my head down and keep working in the studio as always!

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