Rem began his career in the early 90’s composing and arranging for artists, TV documentaries, and movies. From 2006 to 2016, Rem divided his time between Europe and Israel where he collaborated with well-known Israeli musicians and artists.

A typical Rem “sound & arrangement” is an emotional mix of gentle vocals and distinctive orchestral writing. Rem’s music has been described as “cinematic indie rock.” Lately, he has been concentrating more on the DJ side of his musical career. Rem’s latest gigs include performances at clubs and venues in Ibiza, Italy, and Luxembourg. In June 2017, Rem began hosting his own weekly radio show on Like Radio Music and Passion (Milano, Italy).

First of all I would like to thank you for your time! How are you? What’s new?

It’s me thanking you for your time and the interest you bring to my carrier.

I’m feeling very good and so excited to perfom in Belgrade.

With my new manager Petar Mladenovic we focus on developing my image in few territories in Europe and so in Balkans.

I am in a great period of my artistic carrier . Developing new productions new sounds and beginning to play in great clubs around Europe.


What’s your favorite thing when it comes to producing your own track, and what do you like about remixing?

When I produce my own track i share personal vibes, personal moments of my life. I m exposing myself when I compose and arrange the tracks. This is what is searching my audience to discover me through the compositions.

Remixing is for me an incredible chance to give a second life to an original composition. I interpretate differently the roots of a compositor.

Let say that 50% – 50% I compose my won tracks to perform and the other 50% are remixes.

As I perform with stems , the idea is to remix live on the stage a track.


What is the main difference between the scene today and at the time when you were becoming a DJ?

Clearly, I m a guitarist since the age of 6 years old. And during the years I became a producer of music and arranger. 8 years ago I decided to compose electronic music and thanks to Ableton and Native Instruments they gave the chance to producers to compose to produce music live with amazing tools.

The scene today is really impressive , you find more and more a complete line up with great djs.

In 8 years I can see the development of plug ins to compose electronic music, i can see that the sound is much better today.

The B2B is also a new tendance. I can t forget to mention the boiler room ! a great way to share vibes in a live show.


Ibiza is the most prestigious destination for clubbers worldwide. What’s the story behind your arrival at Ibiza and Boiler Room? Can you tell us something about that?

Before answering your question. Yes Ibiza is very prestigious. I want to add that the few days spending in Belgrade for example show really well that other destinations are amazing for djs with great sound great locations and great audience. Thank You Belgrade for the amazing days spent together.

The story behind my arrival at Ibiza first of all is connected with an interview from Jamie Porteous from IBIZA GLOBAL TV. I played at NO NAME at SANSARA at BEACHHOUSE and I understood that if I want to show my skills and my real way to perform, i need to organize a boiler room. I will always thanks my publisher GROUP 7 that finance this event in a private villa. I continue to create boiler rooms i did one with karts racing around me for exemple. The imagination to develop Boiler Room is with no limit.


Message for all of us who will wait for you on the dance floor?

I m not an extravagante person. So I always keep my humility. I want to add that Lasta Club has a fantastic energy and I m performing there to give a breath to few of my new remixes. The dance is always the moment giving life to a track.

Thank you and see you soon … I can’t wait to be back in Serbia!

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