From his first remix and debut EP ‘Sargas’ for Connaisseur Recordings, Lehar became known for his aestethic and emotional music. This talented producer is a newest member of Diynamic and currently is on his All Through The Night tour. Lehar is hosting an event in Belgrade, which was the reason to ask him a few questions about tour concept and his music. Enjoy!


Hello Lehar, how are you? Let’s start with All Through The Night the new tour concept you announced recently. Can you tell us more about the idea?

Hello, and thanks for this interview!

I believe that when the same DJ plays from start to finish, a special bond can be created between people and the artist, in a complete flow, uninterrupted. It is a way to celebrate dance music, in the multiple of different genres and intensities it has.


During your tour you’ll visit Belgrade in January, what are your expectations?

I have never played in Belgrade before, this will be my first time. I am very excited about it, because I have heard big things, DJ friends who played here before me told me that the people are fantastic! I can’ t wait !!!


How would you describe the music you’re preparing for us to hear?

I have nothing prepared, I never prepare my DJ set before, I bring all my music with me and during the night I will decide what kind of direction my set will take. It will be a very long set so I can say that I’m pretty sure to play a very long intro with some ambient music and jazzy house tunes to welcoming the people in the way I like.


How did your cooperation with Diynamic start and what led to the first release?

I was in touch with my friends Adriatique in the past 2 years and we both respect each others; Them and Mladen Solomun invited me to join the label and the booking agency and I was more than honored to join. It is now precisely one year that I’m linked with the Diynamic Music family. The first release I have done for Diynamic is the “Number One Hero EP” on their boutique sublabel 2DIY4, and I can tell you the story how I’ve signed this EP: well I was invited by Solomun and Adriano Trolio (Solomun’s partner of the label) to the DIY headquarter in Hamburg last – January 2016. During this 2-day visit I showed them this EP, and after the first listen Solomun told me “why don’t we make it an EP on 2DIY4?” … I answered with a smile 😉

Interview: Lehar

Your remix of Ost & Kjex’s ‘Easy’, reached No. 1 on Beatport’s Electronica Top 100 chart. What do you think makes for a good remix?

I did this remix together with Musumeci over a year ago. Of course I think you have to like the original track, so you express the best of yourself in the making, also if the track you are remixing has a vocal, this one should be very intense and touching. Personally, I love vocal tracks, if they are elegant and unique.


Tell us something about your music. What does it represent and mean to you?

Music is one of the values in the world I strongly believe in; to me it is another language to speak to people.


Your most recent EP was released on Connaisseur Recordings, can you tell us about “The White Diary EP”? Was there a story you wanted to tell?

“The White Diary EP” is a work which was scheduled more than a year ago before the release date; what I wanted to do with this EP was a more timeless sound. It was the third EP in 2016 as Lehar and I did not care at all about the charts etc.. I was very happy when Charles Webster accepted to remix “The Cave”.


Has living in Venice shaped your music in any way?

I live in the countryside of Venice / Treviso area which is a very quiet area, where I love to spend my week days with my girlfriend and my animals after the busy and fast weekend moments.


What would you say were the highlights of 2016? And what are your plans for this next year?

2016 has been a fantastic year, I’m lucky and happy to work together with the people and friends I have.

2017 has already some clear points, I will work hard to make all my dreams and visions come true and to fully enjoy every moment of my job and my life.

See you soon friends!!

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