After his unforgettable performance at last year’s EXIT festival, Henry Saiz is back in Serbia but this time with his live band. So far these three true artists produced our audience’s favorite tacks and collaborated on some of the top beats in the underground scene.

Only a few hours before their first show in Belgrade, we had a chance to talk to Henry Saiz band crew about their work, their upcoming album and their excitement before the Let’s Mix It festival in the capital.


So guys, why don’t you tell me how did you meet each other? How long your friendship does lasts? As I understand, you are best friends for a long time already.

Henry: Well we were teenagers. I met Luis when I was 16 at a metal party and few years later we met Eloy together.

Eloy: And then we started to write and produce music together in a metal band. We were really into black metal back then.

Luis: We were actually very deep into it. I was playing drums and Henry played bass. Actually we won the best bass player and best black metal brand awards in Spain. We were like the best 🙂


Wow! And what happened with the band?

Henry: Well we the three of us left the band and that was probably the best thing that happened since we wanted to experiment a bit with keyboards and stuff and the rest of the crew didn’t get the electronic thing in there. Then we started to experiment with the electronic music.

Eloy: What was the first machine that you bought?

Luis: Yeah, the green one?

Henry: It was blue actually 🙂 Erm, I think it was Yamaha MX01.


And how did you come up to an idea to form a band once again?

Henry: I’ve been producing alone for year, but both Luis and Eloy are into production and this just came to me as a brand new thing, I prefer it this way. We just try to do something interesting.

Luis: And the band sounds much different, when you listen to the track you can tell that it is the band behind it and not just one person.

Eloy: Techno scene is very saturated and full of producers so you need to offer something special in order to stand out.

Would you tell that bands and collective projects are coming back in a way?

Henry: Well not in that old sense as Rock and Roll did. Now there is a much wider range of possibilities and you can now mix that style by using electronic music as a tool to make it better and more modern.


What happens in the studio when you are together?

Henry: We experiment a lot, we get high and go into the studio and it seems very chaotic. We almost never finish what we’ve started.

Luis: But we never go into the studio with some specific idea, rather we try to have fun and avoid deadlines.

Eloy: And we follow our sub-consciousness.

Luis: Because it’s wiser than you.

Henry: Since we know each other very well, during the session we are very connected which helps a lot. Eloy is the best in taking naps for example 🙂

Eloy: A world champion.


What is important to you when you work with other artist?

Henry: Well it is important to understand each other good and to have the same vibe. We hate divas and egocentric artists, as you can see we are down to earth.

Luis: Humor is also very important for us, most of the time during studio sessions we are laughing.

Henry: If you don’t have a sense of humor in this fucked up world, you’ll only get depressed. And that is a powerful tool to communicate.

Your label Natura Sonoris is celebrating 10 years soon and you are also working on audio-visual album project. What can we expect from you this year?

Henry: I am super excited about that and I am preparing something special for the anniversary. And about the album, well we are working our way through. As you know, we have visited a lot of places to prepare the project and now we have drafts of most of the tracks and videos we want to use. And from now on we are starting the hard studio work almost by the end of September so it’s going to be tough.

Luis: There’s going to be more than 10 places actually you know and we didn’t yet get into studio.

Eloy: And we have recorded almost 6 or 7 tracks and videos so far.

Luis: The best thing about it is that we had a vague idea of what we want to do but it turned up much better just to go there and start producing.

Eloy: We needed to go there and just try to produce it.

Henry: I am also working on few releases for Sasha’s Last Night On Earth and 3 track EP for LA’s Culprit. Bunch of remixes more to come.


What is special about these places you selected for the project?

Henry: There was this house at the Joshua Tree where we recorded one track and it was like a time machine.

Luis: On the last day we went to the desert and did a lot of shooting, producing, tripping 🙂

Henry: And during one jam session there were coyotes wailing, we got that in the track! Can you believe it?


And what is the next destination you are very satisfied with?

Henry: Dubai was perfect.

Luis: Well we are not only choosing the places we like, but iconic ones rather.

Eloy: Dubai can tell a lot about the human nature and we wanted to talk about that.

Henry: It is a crazy place. It represents what human are capable of – doing the best and the worst things. And Dubai is doing the both at the same time.

Henry, your B2B set with Hernan Cattaneo drew much attention at EXIT festival last year. What is the next artist you would like to play B2B?

Hernan: That was one of our best sets ever! Honestly. Erm, I don’t really know, I prefer to play with my friends because we know each other well.


And one last question before the show and we should get going. What are you most excited to play tonight?

Hernan: There’s gonna be few new tracks that will be released on Culprit.

Eloy: I love the whole show but we prepared new and special version of ‘Four Days And Nights’, can’t wait.

Luis: A new version of the ‘Anubis’ definitely. Very powerful track.

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