Interview: Guy Mantzur

Currently based in Tel-Aviv, we sit down with the Israeli DJ who’s enjoying some really great success. DJ and owner of Munich Based Plattenbank Records, Guy Mantzur takes some time out to have a chat with us so we can find out more about his musical career. We touch base on a number of things, from music scene in Israel to running his own label.

Let’s begin talking about your hometown of Tel-Aviv, what was the electronic music scene like there growing up?

The Scene in Tel Aviv has always been great, people here love to party and to go out, it’s probably related to the fact that it is summer most of the year. Add to this that there are lots of amazing producers and DJ’s living in Tel Aviv so all of this turns it to a very attractive place for music. You can find in Tel Aviv an underground party every day and in the weekends there are many of them.

When did you move away from Israel as an artist?

I basically live here now but travel most of the time so my base is still in Israel. I used to live in Amsterdam for a while and it was amazing as well.

Was there always a particular city which appealed to you for music?

When I started to play Russia was the place that i had my most gigs at, these days Buenos Aires and Argentina in general is one of the places with my strongest fan base. They are real music lovers and I´m excited to go over there more and more each time.

You’re credited with working on music across a number of different electronic styles and genres, have you always taken inspiration from lots of different places when approaching music making?

I started my romance with electronic music long time ago and back in the days I used to do more down tempo, chill out and trip hop style with lots of live instruments. Then later on my heart was captured to the underground dark and hypnotic dance music till these days. My influences come from a large spectrum of things not only music : it can be a film I saw , stories I hear about people lives, a street singer I just hear or from places I´m traveling to. Of course that hearing music is a very inspiring thing as well, and it can open your mind to new dimensions.

You’ve also worked with TV and Film, was this something you always wanted to do as a musician?

To be honest I didnt want to go in that direction although it’s a really interesting thing to do, It’s something that you have to be 100% into it if you want to do it right so when I realized that making music for TV and films is effecting my electronic music creation, I decided to stop it and focus only on house music.

Is there a particular area of music making which you enjoy more than others?

It changes from time to time and from day to day. It’s all about the mood I´m in at the moment, I can wake up one day and listen to Pink Floyd for 10 hours and then another day put some techno or progressive set. I really love to hear live music and songs, even listening to Depeche Mode or Bob Dylan can inspire me and give me idea’s for my own music.

Are there other avenues in music which you want to explore that you haven’t had the chance to yet?

I would like to know more underground bands, I love the music coming from Island, bands like Mum and Sigur Ros so I would really love to explore this genre and know more about it.

Your own imprint Plattenbank Records is based in Munich, would you say the German influence on you as an artist has been the most prominent?

Although Plattenbank is based in Munich it’s a very global label, we sign music from worldwide producers. We have artists from Russia, Argentina, Israel, UK, Greece, and Germany so in this case the music style is freestyle. I’m trying to think for myself in the same way by not trying to stick into one genre.

Has founding your own label meant that you’ve been able to express yourself more freely on your releases?

Sure, that’s one of the biggest benefits in having your own label, you can really do and release what ever you want and go with your heart 100%. Having your own label reflects who you are what music you play and create. I think it’s a good thing for an artist to have his own imprint.

The next release on Plattenbank is from Eitan Reiter and Muzarco, can you tell us a little bit about these guys?

Eitan Reiter is an amazing artist, he is one of Israel’s most respectful electronic producers and he is a great guy as well. He is half of the super successful trance duo name loud and since 2 years he started a solo career as well going deeper with techno and house and he does it in a beautiful way. Muzarco is a young talented guy that released in the past on labels such as Lost & Found and Sudbeat and I really love what he does. I was happy when Eitan sent me the track and I saw Muzarco produced it with, because I always wanted to have him on the label

Your tour schedule is all over globe and you’ve played alongside many fantastic acts in some brilliant venues, what’s been one of your standout parties this year so far?

I had so many great parties and festivals and I will surely not forget some. I had amazing nights at Warung Brazil last April, the Bow Buenos Aires, BPM club Cordoba, Electric Gardens Sydney, Rainbow Festival Australia, Inmates Malta to name just a few.

What does the rest of the year have in store for you? Any exciting announcements on the horizon?

There is a remix I did for bedrock for the old classic Pushin too hard and it will be out in July.

I have my second part of the A Guy in .. Series coming out in august, it’s a live mix incl 15 tracks and will have a limited CD edition.

I`m working at the moment on remixes for Super Flu and another remix for Nick Warren.

I`m working on some new originals now and plan to release the best of them later this year.

The latest release on Plattenbank is from Eitan Reiter & Muzarco and features a Guy remix. ‘Oh Death’ is out now! Grab it here!

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