Brazilian dj, Fernanda Martins is considered one of the biggest female names in techno scene. She is known for her unmistakable fun way to communicate and connect with the crowd. Fernanda’s new alias, Dot Chandler is the way she bring us the most pure techno sound.

Dot Chandler is going to play in Serbian capital, Belgrade this Friday and we got the chance to speak with her about her alias, music and get to know her a little bit better. Enjoy!


First of all, thank you for your time! How are you? What’s new?

Hello! I’m fine. Thank you!
Super excited and motivated to visit Serbia for the very first time.


Can you tell us something about yourself for a start? What has shaped you as an artist and as a person?

I’m a Techno & HardTechno dj/producer from Brazil who started djing 10 years ago. My love for Techno, and for the music in general, was the main engine that built me up as an artist. I think my curiosity, my persistence – and I risk to say also: my stubborn personality 😛 – , and my desire to always overcome myself in different aspects of my life, are shaping me as a person day by day.


Can you tell us something about the begging of your career? How did you get interested in electronic music and especially techno?

It’s not a mystery that many of the djs of today were professional clubbers before. With me the story is just … the same once again. I don’t exactly know how this passion for electronic music started, but it was years before I was old enough to go party in clubs. With time I was more and more connected with Techno and it’s varieties. I don’t know … It’s a matter of taste…


What do you consider as a turning point in your career? How hard it was to get to the place you are today?

Actually, when I finished my university 8 years ago in Brazil. It was the point of my life I decided to really work on my career as a dj. Before that, I was not convinced of doing it, as well as I was not convinced of working in communication, the university degree I graduated. At that point I took a deep breath and said to myself: Do what you love! And that is exactly the most easy way to explain how I ‘got to the place I’m today’ … doing my job with passion and enjoying it!
In the end, the most import thing is to enjoy the trip and not just the destination, or ‘the place where you wanna to get to’.


Fernanda, you are one of the most notable names when it comes to hard techno and other genres of techno, what made you decide to start your techno project, Dot Chandler? What was your goal? Tell us something more about that?

Create the alias ‘Dot Chandler’ was nothing but a work strategy, let’s say. Honestly, what I really think is I can play whatever I want – or whatever I like – and I should not to be obligated to give any explanation about it. But … if I want to do so in a professional way, yes! People need to understand what is going on.
I started djing 10 years ago and I used to play just Techno. It was when I was discovering and starting with HardTechno that I started to get more known and my career took a path in this direction. I never stopped with Techno, but as I had much more HardTechno gigs in the last years my name got labeled and connected with the style. No problem at all for me! But I had many gigs playing Techno during this period I mentioned and in many occasions, I saw the crowd was not really understanding what was going on. That’s why I decided to create a new name to use for my Techno sets. To not confuse the crowd. I do not want them expecting from me something that is not what I’m going to give them. But for me, it’s always really fun and pleasant to play, doesn’t matter if I play Techno or Hard 🙂


Besides the sound, what makes Dot Chandler different in your opinion?

Considering a lot of people just know my work with Hardtechno I understand that ‘Dot Chandler’ project shows a pretty different side of my musical taste. But I cannot say that when I’m acting as ‘DC’ I change my personality or something like that. On another hand, what is a fact is that when I do play as Dot Chandler I feel more free. It’s because I’m just letting this project – or I’m trying to – free from stereotypes. Because my sets can be very flexible, and I can even cross the edges with another electronic music styles as House or Electro in some of them. With Dot Chandler I want to be free to mix my music in slower BPM’s then when I’m playing the Hardtechno I play nowadays as Fernanda Martins. It all depends of the party, the playtime, of my mood 😛 … I can adapt but I wanna be free to travel into all the techno and variations of it that I love.

You recently, along with Lucas Freire, remixed the title track of Spartaque’s Nebula EP that was released on Devotion Records. What was your inspiration for the remix and can we expect some new releases from you?

The main goal was to make a remix that could fit cool in the whole concept of the EP. Completing it with a piece that should not be unrecognizable as what it is, a remix from Spartaque’s track, but with our touch, of course.
Yes! Very soon some new remixes and tracks from me as Dot Chandler, in collab with Lucas Freire will show up!


People know you for your great mixing technique, your charisma and energy you share with the crowd, so what do you do to make a party amazing and make people go home with the smiles on their faces?

I always try to get into the club as a party girl. First I step into the place and let my body make its moves heheheh … In short, I always try to enjoy the party, the music and live all it as I was on the dancefloor too. But always taking care of giving a quality music experience to the crowd!


You have a great taste and excellent music selection, so on which track from your set does the crowd reacts best? Can you name a few?

Sure! Hystericmaniak – Never (Drumcomplex & Roel Salemink Remix), NHB – Outskirts, Dani Sbert – Quartz, Secret Cinema & Enrico Sangiuliano – Trrbulence…


You will play in our capital, Belgrade along with Eric Sneo on September 25th, so what are you preparing for us? What can we expect from your set?

For this occasion I’m thinking about make a set traveling from some deep techno textures till more classical techno beats. Well, in the end I always decide together with the crowd during the set. But as it will be my first time in Serbia, I must just imagine what people over there must love more in techno, and I have a vision of the Serbian people stepping strong and hands up listening to a Techno with a lot of character.


Do you have a message for all our readers who will hear you at Depo?

Can’t wait to see and dance with you all! And I hope we’re gonna have a great time!

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