Interview: Charlotte de Witte

Resident of the sold out KNTXT night at the infamous Fuse club Charlotte de Witte, is surely one of the most important names that recently emerged into techno scene. We got the chance to speak with her ahead of her gig at Exit festival, so enjoy your read and check her latest releases.


Hi Charlotte, for starters could you tell us where are you currently and where have you been playing last couple of weeks?

I’m currently on the Eurostar on my way to London. It’s Tuesday today and I’m having a couple of meetings there. I’ve actually just been to London, about one week ago, to play a live session at the DJ Mag HQ and afterwards at the Launch Party of Junction 2, which is a festival that’s taking place on June 10th. I had such a great time then so I’m quite happy to be back already.


After Voices Of The Ancient EP your next release is coming on Sleaze next month. We got a glimpse of “I’ll See You Tonight” from your sets, so how would you describe the music on upcoming release? Can you tell us something more about it and the story behind it?

I think the release on Sleaze Records lies in the same line as the Mary Go Wild one. It’s quite stripped, functional techno and they all contain a vocal. I do love working with vocals. It really adds another dimension to your track and easily creates a hook.


You are also preparing new release for Mary Go Wild, is it too early to ask if you can reveal any details?

Haha yes, I’m afraid it is. The release is planned after summer so even if I could already reveal any details, I wouldn’t have much to tell you at this stage. I’m extremely looking forward to it though. The entire Mary Go Wild team is extremely nice and I became good friends with Alex, the label boss.


There is a very busy summer ahead of you. You’ll be playing at Oasis Festival in Marrakech, Rock Werchter, Tomorrowland, to name a few. You’ll also play at Exit in Novi Sad, Serbia, so what are your expectations?

I’m extremely looking forward to my show there! I’ve never been to Serbia so that alone is very exciting. And I mean, it’s Exit Festival… That festival has a huge reputation and it’s always been high on my wish list. I am honored that I’m able to play there at the Fuse stage, which is a very cool thing since I’ll be around friends. It’ll be a whole lot of fun!


You hold a residency at Fuse Club, it’s called KNTXT, and you’ll be playing at Fuse night at Exit’s NSNS stage, what kind of sound can our audience expect that night?

Well, it’s a Fuse Stage so they’ll be in for a serious techno treat.


What I noticed from the announcement of line up is that you have a lot of fans in Serbia. Do you have a message for them ahead of Exit?

That’s quite funny actually since I didn’t realize I had so many fans there. I’ve never been to Serbia so you don’t really know what to expect. I’m looking forward to my set there and of course, I’d hope to see many faces there.


You are heading to Ibiza in July?

Yes! I’m making my Ibiza debut soon and I can’t wait for that one to happen. It’s taking place a couple of days after the show at Exit Festival so those will be rather exciting days for me. We are looking at some other dates for Ibiza as well, yes. I’m actually around quite a lot this year even if I don’t a show planned. I’m flying over at the end of this month for the opening season so I’m looking forward to doing some clubbing myself and chilling at its beautiful beaches.


Tell us something about your show on Studio Brussel, it’s weekly and an hour long. How are you picking tracks that you want to present to the audience, considering that Studio Brussels is a national broadcaster?

Studio Brussel has given me a carte blanche. I can basically do whatever I want with those shows, which I’m very grateful for. I spent hours and hours of browsing on Beatport and listening to promos. It’s quite challenging to find new, good tracks every single week but it’s been extremely rewarding too. Doing those shows has really taught me a lot about DJing and handling sets.


What are you planning for near future?

My next EP called “Wisdom” will get released on June containing four originals tracks: Wisdom, I’ll See You Tonight, Sending Them and Maelstrom. There’s a remix coming next month on Turbo Recordings and two other EPs should follow after summer. Gigwise, festival season is looking great and from the looks of it, I’ll be touring the world after summer with gigs in North, Central and South America, Australia and New Zealand, Asia and Europe where I’m based. Needless to say I’m beyond excited to see this all become true.

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