Greg and Voitek are Polish duo that traveled all the way through electronic scene producing techno tracks for Berlins Leena Music, deep house anthems for Get Physical, G-house for Dirtybird and soft compositions for thier own Pets Recordings. They started in a club-pizzeria and today they are one of our favorite house acts. For their first time in Serbia, Catz ‘n Dogz closed the second day of EXIT festival and in the early hours right after their set we did an interview with them. We spoke about today’s house scene, their plans for the future, their’s upcoming album and their impression of our audience.


Hello Greg and Voitek! First of all, thanks for your time and for a fantastic set tonight. For a start, how did you two met and what is your story? How did you start to produce music together?

Greg: Well we are bot from Poland, from Szczecin, a town of half a milion people and 15 minutes for the German border. Being close to Berlin we had a lot of DJs throwing parties which we were going to, Voitek was doing the parties and I started to DJ, we had a radio show together. There was a new club opening and we decided to do the party, so we invited our friends from Berlin and they started inviting us there. We also did some productions, we gave a demo to a friend from Berlin and he wanted to release it. After that this all started to happen.


So what was the name of that demo and the club?

Voitek: The name of the club was Metzo Forta. Actually, upstairs was a pizzeria and downstairs was a club for about 200 people. But we always kept it crowded with about 400. And demo was an EP for Berlin’s minimal-tech label Leena Music, named Armadillo.


My next question is about you two as a duo. What makes you a good tandem and how would you describe your style? You sometimes play softer music as your albums and Eps are and today you really smashed it.

Voitek: We like risking. Together, we encourage ourselves and always make new challenges. It’s working out pretty good. We are sometimes surprised about it because we put out different music and play different music and most of the people actually like it. We played here harder set and tomorrow we are playing at Ibiza ant it would be the beginning of the night so we’ll play happier and softer style. And on the Sunday, we play at Feel Festival in Berlin so it would be trippyer and more disco. It’s fun because people book us to different places.

Greg: No risk – no fun. And we really like different styles of music so we enjoy pleying at big festivals and smaller parties, we learned to adjust to what people want. And as you said, we like to do techno music and we do house music, so it’s fun.image

In short, how would you describe your relations to labels such as Toolroom and Dirtybird and how’s it going for your Pets Recordings? What would be the main influences on your style?

Greg: Well Pets Recordings is like our baby and it is a lot of fun for us. We try to find the artists and work with them, manage all the projects and involved in production, so we enjoy it a lot. And we like to book different music as we like to play, so we are releasing house and techno but also some experimental music. Now, we are releasing our first album on the label called ‘Basic Colour Theory’. With Dirtybird, well, we really like Claude Von Stroke. He asked us back in 2007 to do the remix of his ‘Who’s Afraid Of Detroit’, and we signed it as 3 Channels back then. Later we did an EP for him and release an album on sublabel Mothership. We still work with them, we throw parties together and do some releases, and we are also good friends with Claude, Justin Martin and others, so whenever we’re in San Francisco we meet them.


I don’t know if you are familiar with today’s lineup but this evening started with Hardwell and Oliver Hendls, continued with Kolsch and then two of you took over the decks. So when you perform, do you try to fit into the evening set, do you try to continue where the previous artist stopped or you just play it your way?

Voitek: Well that dependes, I mean we can’t catch up with Hardwell but with Kolsch definitely. Also, here people have similar vibe like in Poland where we come from, and love harder music in the morning. It’s the same in Spain, but in UK and Germany people really like weird and slower stuff.

Greg: We are also playing togerther for like 10 years so we have some experience when we take a look at people and more on less we know what to play. You learn on your mistakes, I guess.


This is your first time on EXIT and in Serbia. So how you did like it here and what do you think of the crowd?

Voitek: It’s pretty good because we can relate, it feels like playing in Poland. And have the same vibe here and have same taste for music.

Greg: It’s similar food. Some people actually understand us and we understand them especially if they speak bad words.baner01

What is about today’s hose scene you are not satisfied with and what is up to you to change?

Voitek: This time we are living in are the best and the worst. On one hand there is a lot of good music, but on the other there is too much music sometimes. It’s supper difficult to find something, when we were starting, there were like 15 new records in shops a week so you could see two you like of them.

Greg: And 20 others were unavailable or so. I mean, you can find good music but you have to search a lot.

Voitek: And now there are like 5 000 vinyl every week, you know. And sometimes you don’t know where to start. That’s why we play a lot of new music but also a lot of old records. It’s just that people have a short memory these days and if you play something from 5 years ago they are already forgotten about it.


Your new EP ‘The Joy’ is out several hours ago and you new album is coming up. What can we expect from it?

Greg: The Album is pretty mellow and we tried to do the album that would be solid and with one style in it, to put all of our experience in it. So we were watching a lot of documentaries on club and music history, reading a lot. We had our sample collection and we also worked with many vocalists and live instrumentals. You can expect one more EP during the summer with a nice video and the album after it. I think it is our best album we ever did and it is going to be out in October.

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