Festival Tribal Gathering festival koje je trebalo da traje od 29. februara do 15. marta, učinio je da preko 300 osoba bude još uvek zatočeno na festivalskoj lokaciji.

Iako ne postoji podatak da bilo ko od prisutnih ima korona virus, niti ima sumljivih slučajeva, ministar zdravlja Paname je izdao naredbu da se svi strani državljani koji su ušli na teritoriju zemlje zadržavaju u periodu od 14 dana.

Putem objave na društvenoj mreži instagram, čelnici festivala Tribal Gathering preneli su svima naredbu vlasti, te su se pod čudnim okolnostima i rigoroznim merama ove države gosti festivala našli zatočeni na mestu njegovog održavanja.

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TO ALL ATTENDEES AND FOLLOWERS OF TRIBAL GATHERING: Update!!!!⭐️⭐️⭐️ The government and health officials have now decided to go back to the original mandate of allowing all nationals who have entered Panama over 14 days ago to exit the location. Those who have not must remain here in quarantine on site until they reach the 14 day period which could mean people actually staying here longer than the 23rd. In the wake of the President of Panama declaring a national emergency due to COVID-19/novel coronavirus, Panama’s Minister of Health has taken the extraordinary step of ordering all Tribal Gathering guests currently on site to remain in place until March 23. However, this was NOT in response to a positive COVID-19 test. There have been ZERO cases of COVID-19 confirmed on site, nor are any suspected at this time. Nevertheless, we are complying with all orders and recommendations of the Minister of Health, as the health and safety of our guests and crew remains our top priority. We also continue to work with the embassies of our guests from outside Panama to secure their assistance and support. Please contact the embassy of your family member’s home country for further information. @usembpan @who @bbcnews @vice @viceenespanol @un_ocha @who send help! @cnn @cnnee @nytimes @forbes @nationalpost @navara.media @cbsnews

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